Japan in 2012

There are a few more hours to 2013. Every year at this very moment, a few hours before the countdown begins, I would reminisce about the 進捗 shinchoku progress I have made throughout the year before making a new resolution the next year.

For me, my resolution was to make a blog about Japan that can share my experience while earning a little from Adsense. Errmmmm....sharing yes...earning no. But that`s ok. It wasn`t my primary goal anyway.

Well, talking about myself is nothing 特別 tokubetsu special. Talking about my view of Japan in 2012 is もっと 面白い motto omoshiroi more interesting.

Economically, I think it is not news that Japan is in 不景気 fukeiki recession. Since I work in a Japanese electronic company in Malaysia, I kinda get the feel of the economic situation. Undoubtedly, Japan 経済 keizai economy is heading south due to its strong currency. Although it has weakened a little recently, but it is still considered strong. Furthermore, 日本会社 nihon gaisha Japanese companies are facing real competition from another growing Korean companies such as Samsung and LG. 

Politically, I think I have lost count how many times they have changed their 首相 shushou Prime Ministers. I think the latest one will be Shinzo Abe. Like the rest of the Prime Ministers, Abe will also be tested in his ability to revive the economy. My view, I don`t see a recovery coming up soon as 2013 is より厳しい状態 yori kibishii joutai even a tougher situation. Europe has survived a few times by bailout, but how many times can they be bailed. America is going through a Fiscal Cliff.

Affecting Japan politically and economically is the worsening Sino-Japanese relationship due to the dispute over the Diaoyu Island. Angry Chinese people, who are also one of the largest market, are banning Japanese products. This hurts 輸出 yushutsu exports, and that means it hurts the Japanese economy. China`s military practice near the 島 shima island also shows a growing tension in this matter.
If they start a 戦争 sensou war, no one, including you and me, amid weak market, could go 失業 shitsugyou out of job. Hmmmm...that scare me! Sometimes I think perhaps I should learn how to make and sell curry mee.

In 2013, we 予測する yosoku suru anticipate some change in foreign policies and well as some economic reforms in Japan. If they worked out well, Japan might survive the recession. Lets hope for the best in 2013 for not just the Japanese economy but the world economy. 誰も仕事がある daremo shigoto ga aru everyone can have a job, 誰もいい商売をする daremo ii shoubai wo suru everyone can be in good business, 誰もお金を稼ぐ daremo okane wo kasegu everyone makes money, 誰も幸せになる daremo shiawase ni naru everyone is happy.


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