Visit Japan: Where to View Autumn Leaves in West Japan




Visit the Jingoji Temple in Takao. It greets you with autumn leaves on both sides of the stairs as you walk up to the Jingoji Temple.


Arashiyama is a rural town at the outskirt that have many calm and tranquil environment.
Take a stroll, or cycle around the town while listening to the crisp leaves your step on. Enjoy its chill air in the autumn and serenity of the ambience.


A temple town where you can also experience the lifestyle of a monk by staying and eating like a monk.

Kiyomizudera Temple

Special illumination during the autumn leaves season in the November.

Osaka Castle Park

It is a castle on the outside and museum on the inside. Reach the top and overlook the park in autumn colors.

Mt Yoshino

The mountain is divided into four areas, with 1000 trees in each area. Named "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range" by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nara Park

Large park with deers roaming around with autumn leaves as background. Interact with the deers. You may feed and touch them. Though they are wild deers, they are pretty tame to visitors.

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