Visit Japan: Where to View Autumn Leaves in East Japan


Mt Takao

View Tokyo, Mount Fuji and Yokohama from the 頂上 choujou peak at 599 meters from sea level.

Rikugien Garden

Enjoy the nicely arranged with mizuumi lakes, ki trees and oka small hill for only 300 yen

Nikko Iroha Road

A terrific view making your drive up winding 道路 douro road is a main access connecting central Nikko and Oku-Nikko enjoyable.


Refreshing view along the vast field of ススキ susuki eulalia grass.

Tsurugoka Hachimangu

Near to the coast with a cool sea breeze and you might also see a 結婚式 kekkon shiki wedding ceremony there while you enjoy the view of autumn leaves.

Kumoba Pond

The autumn colors reflected on the 水表面 mizu hyoumen water surface are breathtaking.


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