Visit Japan: Where to View Autumn Leaves in Northeast Japan


Oirase Keiryu

Enjoy the onsen. The best known include Sukayu Onsen (酸ヶ湯温泉), Goshogake Onsen (後生掛温泉) and Toshichi Onsen (藤七温泉)


Enjoy autumn leaves viewing in this samurai town.

Chuson-ji Temple

The real attraction at Chūson-ji is the Konjiki-dō. Built in 1174, in wood, 25square meters, it has been lacquered all over in gold, complements the autumn leaves golden color.

Naruko Gorge

100m deep gorge with a total length of 2.5km along the Arao gawa River. The sight from the suspension bridge is amazing.

Akiu Falls

One of the top three waterfalls in Japan. The word Aki in Akiu means autumn. The trails to the waterfall offers a great experience in the foliage of the autumn leaves.


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