Visit Japan: When to View Autumn Leaves in Japan

When to view autumn leaves in Japan?


Autumn leaves viewing is at its peak during the end of Oct and beginning of November.
偶然に guuzen ni Coincidentally, the peak time for autumn leaves viewing is in this week. Same week this post is published.
You could go for autumn leaves viewing at almost every part of Japan without disappointment.

Enjoy 紅葉狩り momijigari autumn leaves viewing from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
This is the time where autumn leaves viewing time overlaps throughout Japan.

紅葉 Momiji also called 紅葉 kouyou (both with the same kanji which means autumn leaves) starts from Hokkaido in the North and ends in Kyushu in the South.
So if you plan your trip early to Japan, you might want to make Hokkaido your first destination. Or if you are late, chase down south to Kyushu.

It all ends by mid December.


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