Japanese English Dictionary: The Next Best to Learn Japanese

In the previous post, Japanese English Dictionary: Best 2 to Learn Japanese, we have introduced one great Japanese English dictionary to learn Japanese. In this post, we are going to introduce the next best Japanese English dictionary which I have used extensively since the beginning of my journey to learn Japanese. I feel that it provides more examples than WWWJDIC: Word Search.


You may input the word you want to search in English or Japanese (kana) in the Japanese English dictionary.

If you input in Japanese (kana) in the Japanese English dictionary.

You will get a list of examples in Japanese with English translation.
The examples are mostly extracted from some reliable sources such as newspapers, articles, magazines, etc.
From here, you can see how they utilize the words, how they structure the sentence, how they express their meanings, etc. For me, I find it very useful.

On the other hand, if you input in English Japanese English dictionary;

Similarly, you will get a list of examples in English with Japanese translation.
What I like is that it can be used to look for some expression in English that cannot be directly translated into Japanese. They would look up the closest Japanese words or phrases that best match with what you want to say.

Combine both the Japanese English dictionary. I am sure it will help you greatly in your journey to learn Japanese.
Explore the Japanese English dictionary. Type in any words and start doing a series of word searches. Learn Japanese from the examples. Hope you will have a great time with the Japanese English dictionary. Good luck in your quest to learn Japanese.
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