Extraordinary Japanese Culture: Useful Japanese Words

Japanese language is a fantastic language. Why do I say so? Because there are so many meanings to a Japanese word. You will find these Japanese words 便利 benri convenient. I think I have been using these Japanese words more than 100 times a day.


"I bought your lunch." "Oh, sumimasen."
"Here, take this concert ticket." "Oh, sumimasen."
"I have brought you the DVD that you wanted to watch." "Oh, sumimasen."

Hmmm... hen strange! Why say sumimasen, there is nothing to 謝る ayamaru apologize about. Later I got to know that they are not apologizing. They are saying "Thank you". Sumimasen also means ありがとう arigatou thank you.

Here are the other uses to sumimasen.

"Sumimasen, sumimasen, sumimasen, 降ります orimasu I getting off!" as you call aloud while getting off a
満員電車 man in densha fully packed train.
Used when you are asking people to give way.

"Sumimasen, how do I go to Shinjuku station from here?" as you asking a seemingly busy station officer.
Used when you are interrupting someone from what they are doing.

"Sumimasen, the train was late," as you apologize for arriving late to work.
Used when you are sorry.

"Sumimasen, two beers please," you ordered to the bartender.
Used when you are requesting.


In Japan, there are many Japanese words and expression for different situations. When you don`t use correct Japanese words, you might be thought as 失礼 shitsurei impolite. While the correct Japanese word is important, replying to the Japanese words is also likewise important. What word should I use to 返事 henji reply? It is doumo.

"Konnichiwa!" someone greeted you.

"Otsukare sama deshita!" greeted you when you are going home.

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!" requested you to do something.

"Arigatou gozaimasu!" said the salesperson when you bought something.

"Shitsurei shimasu!" someone said to you as he is about to hang up the phone.

If you are in Japan, you will notice that many Japanese people use the above Japanese words oftenly. The next time you hear "sumimasen" and "doumo", try to identify what the Japanese people mean.

With that, when you are in Japan, try out the above Japanese words of "sumimasen" and "doumo".

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