Xperia Girls (2)

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

 Could you tell me your phone number?
denwa bangou oshiete moraeru?

Give me a call.
watashi ni denwa shite kure 

How to ask for phone number in Japanese
I am sure this will be very useful especially to those single guys out there.
To ask for phone number, you say,
電話番号を教えて。denwa bangou wo oshiete. (Normal)
電話番号を教えてください。denwa bangou wo oshiete kudasai (Polite)

電話番号を教えてもらえる?denwa bangou wo oshiete moraeru? (Normal)
電話番号教えてもらえますか。 denwa bangou oshiete moraemasu ka. (Polite)
電話番号教えていただけませんか。denwa bangou oshiete itadakemasenka (Very polite)

Cultural note
Different level of politeness is used to different people.
Normal: To friends and family.
Polite: To acquaintance
Very polite: To strangers, boss, people higher level than you.

Of course the system is much more complicated than this, but the above generally sums it all up.

Xperia Girls (1)

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

 No product is good without a beautiful girl to hold it.
 nakanakakireina josei ni mata nakereba , ii shouhin ninaranaine
 Which is more beautiful? Xperia Play or the lady model?
 どちらのほうがきれいですか。Xperia Playか女性モデルですか。
 . dochiranohougakireidesuka .Xperia Play ka josei moderu desuka .

How to ask which in Japanese?
There are two words you can use, どれ dore or どちら dochira with the latter sounds more polite.
To ask, 
which is more (adj)? = どれ・どちらのほうが + (形容詞) dore . dochiranohouga ( keiyoushi )

For example:
どれのほうが新しいですか。 dorenohouga atarashi idesuka. Which one is newer?
どちらのほうが古いですか。dochiranohouga furui desuka Which one is older?
どれのほうが面白いですか。dorenohouga omoshiroi desuka Which one is more interesting?


Xperia Play = Smartphone + PSP

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

 Owning an Xperia Play is equivalent to owning both a smartphone and a PSP.
Xperia Playを持っていれば、両方スマートフォンとPSPとを持っていると同じだ。
Xperia Play wo motte ireba , ryouhou suma^tofon to PSP towo motte iruto onaji da

How to say OWN in Japanese
Many only know 持つ (motsu) as to hold, bring, carry, etc. In fact, 持つ (motsu) also means to own/to have.

For example: 
ano kappu wo motte kitekudasai 
Please bring me the cup.

watashi ha ie wo motte imasu
I own a house.

Check out more about Xperia Play go here


Xperia Play

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Xperia Play combines both smartphones and game console together.
XperiaPlay ha ma^tofon to ge^mukonso^ru wo kumiawase teimasu .

How to say combine in Japanese
組み合わせ (kumiawase) comprise of two words:
組み (kumi) to set up
会わせる (awa seru) to match

In fact, you can just use 組む (kumu)、or 会わせる (awa seru)、it is also correct.
I don`t think the meaning differs so much.

Funny, I wonder why those 3 guys are posing when I was only taking the pictures of the Xperia signboards....hahahaha.

Elevated platform

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

You can play the PSP Vita and PS3 on the elevated platform.
高められたプラットフォームでPSP VitaとPS3を試しことができます。
takame rareta purattofo^mu de PSP Vita to PS3 wo tameshi kotogadekimasu

How to say can in Japanese
You hear people say it very often, "You can do it!" あなたならできます。(anatanaradekimasu)
できる (dekiru) means can. It expresses ability.
When you want to say can do sth, you say (plain verb) + ことができます。(kotogadekimasu)
For example:
10コのバーガーを食べることができます (10 ko no ba^ga^ wo tabe rukotogadekimasu) = I can eat 10 burgers.
休まずに働くことができます (yasuma zuni hataraku kotogadekimasu) = I can work without resting.

The first info center

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

 This is the only booth that come with an information counter.
yuuichi no annai kaunta^ tsuki bu^su desu

How to say the only in Japanese
The only means there is only one, and no others. Or in shorter form, the one and only.
In Japanese, you say, 雄一の (yuuichi no) + (noun) = the one and only (what).

Tell your girlfriend this, she will be elated.
あなたは.わたしの雄一の女だ (anataha . watashino yuuichi no onna da) = You are my one and only girl.

Playstation Vita

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

 PS Vita is going to be available on the 22/02/2012. What a coincidence, that`s my birthday!
PS Vitaは2月22日2012年に販売されます。偶然ですね、あれは私の誕生日です。
PS Vita ha 2 gatsu 22 nichi 2012 nen ni hanbai saremasu . guuzen desune , areha watashi no tanjoubi desu .

How to say Happy Birthday in Japanese
Birthday is 誕生日. (tanjoubi)
To say happy birthday to someone you say, お誕生日おめでとうございます。(o tanjoubi omedetougozaimasu) That`s a little long, huh? Usually, I will just cut it short and say, お誕生日おめでとう。(o tanjoubi omedetou)

Cultural Note
In Japan, the sequence to indicate date is month/day/year.

Also, check out the below link for more info about PS Vita:


Phone model

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Is this the standard pose for showcasing handphones? 
koreha keitaidenwa wo mise ru teiban po^zu notorikatananno ?

How to say standard in Japanese
定番の (teiban no)(noun) is used when you want to say that is the normal of doing something, regular piece of something, etc which has been like this all the while.

規格、基準、標準 (kikaku , kijun , hyoujun) also means standard but the meaning differs slightly. It means the minimum limit (anything lower than that is considered bad). For example, engineering standards, regulation, etc.

Hello Kitties

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

 Hello, Kitties!!! Can I have your telephone number?
konnichiha kitei chantachi , denwabangou wo oshie temoraeruno ?

How to say hello in Japanese
To say Hello or Hi, you say こんにちわ。(konnichiwa)
In fact, こんにちわ (konnichiwa) also means good afternoon.

Sometimes we get confused if it is not afternoon, can we say こんにちわ (konnichiwa) when it is in the morning, evening or night?
The answer is yes. You can say it. It is not strange at all. After all, they are all meant for greeting people.

Cultural Note
Greeting is very important for Japanese. Probably it is the first thing you should learn if you were to study Japanese.

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Mario befriends the bad guys

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Mario and the bad guys are friends.
mario to akunin tachiha tomodachi da .

How to say bad guys in Japanese
Another word for bad guys in English is villains.
In Japanese, simple way to say bad guys is 悪いやつら (warui yatsura), or in shorter form 悪人(akunin)


Do you know who they are?

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Do you know who they are?
dare da ka shiteiru ?

(From left) Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Carribean, a Sith from Star Wars, and soldier from Halo.
( hidari kara )( paire^tsu . obu . karibian ) no kyaputen . jakku . suparou
( suta^ . uo^zu ) no shisu
( haro^ ) no heishi

How to say left and right in Japanese
Left is 左 (hidari), Right is 右 (migi)
Sometimes it is hard to remember which kanji is left and which is right.
This is how I memorize it.

(migi) have a hole which look like the hole in the letter R for Right.

Now that you remember one side, naturally you will remember the other side.

Pilot and the Chicken

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Pilot and the chicken...
Ooopsss....sorry, pilot and the bird.

How to Oops in Japanese
The most common oops that I used to say is 

Sometimes chicken and bird are also called 鳥
It can be confusing at times.
For example, 焼鳥 is grilled chicken but not grilled bird.


Warrior girls

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Don`t mess with these girls.
kanojo tachinikakawaranaihougaiiyo

How to say don`t mess with somebody in Japanese

Instead of
dont mess with (somebody) =(人)にかかわらないで (nikakawaranaide)
you can rephrase it to
stay away from (somebody) =(人)に干渉しないで (ni kanshou shinaide)
dont meddle with (somebody) =(人)にちょっかいを出さないで (nichokkaiwo dasa naide)

Or the most commonly used phrase
Mind your own business = お節介をしないで (o sekkai woshinaide)

Note: You may change the ~しないで to するな (shinaide to suruna) to sound more firm and strict.

Japanese Wonder woman

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Is this batgirl?
battoga^ru desuka

Or perhaps, catwoman?
moshikuha , kyattou^man desuka ?

I guess she is Japanese wonder woman.
moshikuha , kyattou^man desuka ?

Little girl in pink

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Hey,did you see the little girl in cosplay? No, not the one with pink hair.
ね~ コスプレの格好をしている小さいな女の子をみた? 違うよ、ピンクの髪のじゃないの。
ne ~ kosupure no kakkou woshiteiru chiisa ina onnanoko womita ? chigau yo , pinku no kami no ja nai no .

 It is her with the cute white rabbit.
ano kawaii shiroi usagi wo daiteiruno .

How to say no in Japanese
"No" in Japanese is いいえ。(iie)
But there is another way to express no, like NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
You say 違うよ!(chigau yo !)
For example:
People ask you, "are you married? 結婚していますか" (kekkon shiteimasuka)
You will just simply reply no いいえ.(iie)

But if they ask you, "are you gay? ゲイですか" (gei desuka)
NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! 違うよ!!!!!(chigau yo !!!!!)

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Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan
Look! It`s a bird? It`s a plane? It`s superman !!!
Nah, just another cosplay. 

miro ! tori ka ? hikouki ka ? supa^man da !!!
iya , tannaru kosupure da .

How to say just/mere/only in Japanese
単なる (tannaru) + (noun)
ただの (tadano) + (noun)
(noun) + にすぎない (nisuginai)
For example (in no specific order):
I am just a student = I am merely a student = I am only a student
単なる学生 (tannaru gakusei) = ただの学生 (tadano gakusei) = 学生にすぎない (gakusei nisuginai)

Mario and Princess

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Mario is my favourite game since I was young.
(mario ha watashi no wakaka tta toki kara suki na ge^mu desu)

How to say favourite in Japanese
好き (suki) = like.
好きな (suki na) + noun = favourite (sth)

If you want to say very very very very like, you say
大好き (daisuki) which makes your top favourite to be,
大好きな (daisuki na) + noun

CAPCOM Premium Theater

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

In this theater you get to watch all the game trailer from Capcom`s newest games.
kono shiata^ deha , kapukon no mottomo atarashi i ge^mu no yokokuhen ga mira reru .

How to say newest and oldest in Japanese
新しい (atarashi i) is new 古い (furui) is old.
By adding 最も (mottomo) before 新しい (atarashi i) ・古い (furui) ,it become newest/oldest.
It can be applied to all adjectives. 最も (mottomo) +(adj)

Or, literally you can the number one new/old i.e. 一番新しい (ichiban atarashi i) ・一番古い (ichiban furui)

Or, the simplest way is to say 最新 (saishin) and 最古 (saiko)


Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Booklet from Namco. 
namuko no shousasshi

Distributed by beautiful girls. 
kireina shoujo ni kubare teiru .

How to say distribute in Japanese
You can say 配る (kubaru) or 配布する (haifu suru)
You might also see 配達 which means delivery such as 新聞配達 (shinbunhaitatsu)

Cultural note
It is really hardwork to work as a 新聞配達員 (shinbunhaitatsu in) as you need to wake up very early before everyone else wake up, so that when they wake up, there will newspaper at their doors.
Thank you 新聞配達員。

The long wait

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

If you think waiting 60 minutes is a long wait.....wait till you see the next picture.
moshi nagai matsu jikan to omotta ra , tsugino shashin wo mita ra .

 If you still think this is a long wait.....wait till you see the next picture
moshikoregamada nagai matsu jikan to omotta ra , tsugino shashin wo mita ra .
mukigen da !!!

How to say time limit in Japanese
期限 (kigen) is time limit, deadline, cutoff
the opposite meaning can be expressed by simply adding 無 (mu)
無期限 (mukigen) means unlimited time, no deadline, no cutoff, indefinite

The monster girl


Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Not all monsters are frightening. At least she smiled at me.
subete nobakemonohagyottosaserutoiuwakedehanai . sukunakutomo , kanojo ha watashi ni hohoen da .

How to differentiate between monster, ghost, demon in Japanese
Those that is big and ugly is ばけもの (bakemono) (monster)
Those that is dead and scare the hell out of you climbing out of the TV is 幽霊 (yuurei) (ghost)
Those that looks terrifying and evil is 鬼 (oni) (demon)

The monster booth

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Besides all the high tech PC games and console games, card games were also popular.
sentangijutsu no pasokonge^mu ya konso^ruge^mu no hokani , ka^doge^mu mo ninki gaarimasu .

How to say besides in Japanese
(statement) + の他に (no hokani)
If the statement is understood or stated previously, you can just begin with その他 (sono hoka)

For example the above statement can be:
sentangijutsu no pasokonge^mu ya konso^ruge^mu ha ninki gaarimasu . sono hoka , ka^doge^mu mo ninki gaarimasu .

The Cow Girl

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

She looks like a little cute cattle rather than a cow.
kanojo ha ushi toiuyorimushiro kawai ushi noyouni mie ru .

How to say rather in Japanese
むしろ (mushiro) is used to say rather.
There are 2 ways to say むしろ。

1)When you want to say sth describe something better that its original description.
You say (description) というよりむしろ  (toiuyorimushiro) (description).
Example:  あの人は学者というよりむしろ政治家だ。(ano nin ha gakusha toiuyorimushiro seijika da .)

2) When you want to sth is better/worse than something
You say (sth)よりむしろ (yorimushiro)(sth)のほうが (nohouga) better/worse.
Example: 日本人よりむしろ留学生のほうが日本語がうまい。(nihonjin yorimushiro ryuugakusei nohouga nihongo gaumai .)
むしろis rather optional. You can omit it, and the meaning remains the same.
Example: 日本人より留学生のほうが日本語がうまい。(nihonjin yori ryuugakusei nohouga nihongo gaumai .)

The Leopard Girl


Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Now, who dare says leopards aren`t cute and beautiful?
ima , darega aete hyou ha kawai naiyakireijanaito iu ka .

How to say dare in Japanese
You can either use あえて (aete) or 思い切って (omoikitte) or 大胆に (daitan ni)
あえて・思い切って・大胆に (aete . omoikitte . daitan ni)+(verb) which would mean (do sth) daringly or dare to (do sth).

Games from China and Spain

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

 Games from China

Games from Spain

Although there were games from other countries such as China and Spain. They were hardly noticed.
chuugoku ya supein no ge^mu gaarunoni , amari chuumoku sareteinakatta .

How to differentiate between 注目される (chuumoku sareru) and 気付かれる (kiduka reru)
注目される is noticed/getting the attention while 気付かれる is realized.
For me, I think both words can be used in the above sentence.

Kids are having fun too!

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Even the kids are having fun too.
kodomo demo tanoshi ndeiru .

How to differentiate between 楽しみ (tanoshimi)、楽しい (tanoshi i)、楽しむ (tanoshi mu) in Japanese.
楽しみ is fun (noun)
楽しい is adjective (enjoyable)
楽しむ is verb (to enjoy/to have fun)

Winning Eleven

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan


I have been playing EASports FIFA all the while. I wonder which would be more.
watashi hazutto EAS ports no FIFA woyatteita . dorenohouga omoshiroi nokana .

How to say all the while in Japanese
ずっと or .その間ずっと (zutto or . sono kan zutto) (when referring to a certain point of event).
For example:
He lied to me 2 years ago. Since then I have made up my mind not to trust him.
kareha 2 nenmae watashi wodamashita . sono kan zutto kare wo shinji naikotonishita .

The elves guarding the gate

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

If she had a longer pair of ears, she will definitely look like an elf....hahahaha.
moshi kanojo hayori nagai mimi gaattara , zettai shou yousei noyounimierune ... hahaha

How to say sensory organs in Japanese
Humans have 5 sensory organs, they are eyes (目)(me)、ear (耳) (mimi), mouth (口) (kuchi), nose (鼻) (hana) and skin (肌) (hada),
which allows us to see (見る) (miru), hear (聞く) (kiku), taste (味わう) (ajiwa u), smell (嗅ぐ) (kagu), and touch (触れる) (fureru).


Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Metal Gear Solid is one of the main attraction in the Konami booth. For Metal Gear fans, lets expect its movie in 2012.
Metal Gear Solid はコナミ・ブースの中の主な引きつける力です。ファンのあなたへ、メタルギアの映画を2012年に期待しましょう。
ha konami . bu^su no nakano omona biki tsukeru chikara desu . fan noanatahe , metarugia no eiga wo 2012 nen ni kitaishi mashou .

How to use the 主な (omona)
主な can mean main/major/most important/primary depending on the context.
主なタンパク源 (omona tanpaku gen) mean major source of protein
主な出し物 (omona dashimono) main feature

Baseball with the Girls

Location: Kaihin Makuhari, Japan

Wow! This is the first time I see a girl playing baseball. If I am playing with her, I would fall in love with baseball.
wa ~ hajimete josei ga yakyuu woyaru sugata wo mikake ta . moshi kanojo to isshoni yareba , kitto yakyuu nihoreruyo .

How to say fall in love in Japanese
You can put it literally as (who) に恋に落ちる (ni koi ni ochiru) (or simply (who)にほれる (nihoreru)


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