Beautiful Beaches: Redondo Beach Pier


Redondo Beach Pier has been one of the 最も奇麗なところ mottomo kirei na tokoro most beautiful places I have visited.
The breeze and ocean view was very welcoming.

It says, "Please keep your beach clean". I think it is already very きれい kirei clean.

食事、買い物、遊び shokuji kaimono asobi Food, shops and fun.

A nice place for relaxing and 散歩する sanpo suru taking a walk.

Lots of greats restaurants and shops. The restaurant sits on the pier that extend out into the sea. It feels as though you are 海の真ん中に食事を楽しんでいる umi no mannaka ni shokuji  wo tanoshindeiru enjoying your meal in  the middle of the sea. 

Boats on the other side of the pier.

こんにちは、私はロボットです!konnichiha watashi ga robotto desu. Hello! I am a robot.
It is a tower viewer or sometimes called binoculars.

oi, kuukan wo kure yo, ore no ashiyubi wo fundeiru zo.
Hey there, give me some space, you are stepping on my toes! 
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Bernardo Winery: Day Tour in Rancho Bernardo


Great wine and great great wine.
味わう ajiwau taste it all at Bernardo Winery.

Bernardo Winery is said to be the oldest Winery in Southern California.
Well, the 環境 kankyo environment feels as though in the renaissance with the vintage structures.

It is not really about wines and お酒 osake alcohols only.
In fact, I find it more like a relaxing family recreational area for the family.

While お父さん otousan father can go for wine tasting at the tasting room.
$10 for 5 tastings.
I think the Burgundy and the Merlot are quite nice.

お母さん okaasan mum can go for shopping at the flea market.
There are various handmade items sold there.
Some are quite interesting and creative.

子供たち kodomotachi children can go play at the vast green area and enjoy themselves at the chocolate port.

The Bernardo Winery Museum tells the story of how the town and winery`s 由来 yurai origins.
Parents and children can discuss over history of the town. An interesting way to exchange thoughts.

A walk around the vicinity, you will find many interesting things to see.
Let`s see if you see anything interesting as what I saw.

If you had been to this places, leave a comment and share with us your experience. :)
Share this post to your friend, let`s explore and learn together.

San Diego GasLamp Quarters


History of Gaslamp Quarters

It started in 1850, Mr William located this piece of land at the waterfront for development.
Due to the Great Depression, it failed.
This is when Gaslamp Quarters` location was decided.

Gaslamp Quarters Theatre
Until 17 years later, another guy name Mr Horton came to build the city.
This is when the buildings like theatres and residential blocks are built in Gaslamp Quarters.

Various entertainments in Gaslamp Quarters
10 year later, Mr Wyatt brought in gamblers and prostitutes.
This is when the entertainment was brought into Gaslamp Quarters.

Gaslamp Quarters Archway behind the Ammo
Gaslamp Quarters continued to develop gradually over the years.
In 1991, Gaslamp Quarters Archway was completed.

Now, Gaslamp Quarters is a premier shopping, dining and entertainment district with more than 200

レストラン resutoran restaurants
Fine dining in Gaslamp Quarters

バー ba- bars
Claimed to be the oldest bar in Gaslamp Quarters

ナイトクラブ naitokurabu nightclubs
Strip Club or Steak house?

ラウンジ raunji lounges
Food and beers in Gaslamp Quarters

ブティック butikku boutiques
Various boutiques for apparel and accessories

美術館 bijutsukan art galleries
The buildings itselt is an art

mise shops
Advertisements on the buildings

and alot of 美人 bijin pretty girls..:)
Pretty ladies

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Free & Easy San Diego: Rancho Bernardo + San Diego Heritage Park


Driving in San Diego

I happened to be in around San Diego for few days for 出張 shucchou business trip.
Luckily, I had 2 days on the weekend to be going around.
Rented a car which will makes it so much easier traveling around places.

I would strongly recommend you to rent a car if you are visiting San Diego and nearby places.
Don't rely on the 公共交通 koukyou koutsuu public transportation.
The public transportation in downtown San Diego might be better, but in other parts, no no.
Oh yeah, remember to get yourself a GPS in the car. Reading maps would not be as efficient.
Forget the maps. Use it for planning your trips, but don't depend on it for getting you there.
By the time you found the road name, it will be too late for you to make the turn.

Also, if you are Asian, you might get confused on the road directions.
Remember to drive on the right lane.

Staying around San Diego

I stayed in a nearby city called Rancho Bernardo.
If you have a car, it does not really matter where you stay as long as you are around San Diego.

I stayed in Courtyard Marriot Rancho Bernardo.

Room was nice with LCD TV.
I like the toilet. Well designed.
大きな鏡 ookii na kagami Big mirror, I love it.

The staff were friendly.
They talked in a hyped and happy way.
It felt good alongside their friendly ほほえみ hohoemi smile.

There is a small memorial park behind the hotel.
Felt close to nature with the ducks paddling around on the lake and rabbit running around on the grass.
A little solemn at the memorial for the soldiers who have sacrificed in foreign lands.

San Diego Heritage Park

The San Diego Heritage Park is not really like a park with lakes and all.
It have various Victorian designed houses.

Near the front, there is the Temple Beth Israel.

The one that I really liked would be the Christian House.
The kabe wall looks like it has uroko scale on it.

I liked the Burton House as it has the most comforting colors.
My favourite light green.

Mormon Battalion Visitors Center

It is located right in front of the Heritage Park.
The Mormon Battalion Visitors Center is a free museum.

I didn't know that it was free.
I just thought of going in take a look around the lobby and leave.
But some pretty girls invited us to join the tour.
Thought to myself, "Why not?". I don't really have a 計画 keikaku plan anyway.

The Mormon Battalion Story

This nice lady was giving us an introduction of the Mormon Battalion.
The pictures on these walls will give you a surprise and 冗談を言う joudan wo iu crack jokes.

Little cottage resembling those the Mormon battalion built and stayed.

Lastly, a short presentation of the Mormon's achievements.
Long stories short. It was about 500 laymen (farmers, mechanics, builders, etc) who joined the army. Although they did not fight a single war, their contribution is nevertheless significant.
Traveled a few hundred miles from East to West. Opened up a trail.
Their trail became the most important access from East to West now.
Also when they reached the West, with their skills in various areas, they helped build cities that we know today i.e. San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.
That was the Mormon Battalion 物語 monogatari story.

p/s: Hi folks in Rancho Bernardo & San Diego, feel free to share your stories in that area in the comment below!!

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